Giselle Noelle Morgan creates feminist photographic reflections in Los Angeles, California while simultaneously playing the harp and obtaining her Bachelor’s at California Institute of the Arts. Implementing psychoanalysis to extricate the crux of individualism, Morgan's practice integrates the object and subject through self-portraiture. The action of a woman conceptually photographing herself dismantles the traditional lineage of the female muse while embracing agency of control and representation. The modus operandi for these visual collections is a cyclical act, born out of a privatized catharsis, crafted in isolation, and exhibited as a publicized visual manifesto. Morgan's work has been featured internationally in magazines and sites such as The Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, Girls Get Busy, Bitchtopia and has shown in gallery spaces including the Feminist Art Conference, Utah's 35x35, and the Tate Modern.