The Pantone Collection

This series, “The Pantone Collection” was inspired by marketing one’s vulnerability as a anti-commodity, depicting personal habitats, and translating emotions through specific Pantone hues. I was heavily influenced by visions of Francesca Woodman, the words of Hito Steyerl, the movement of Pina Baush, and the Pre-Raphaelite paintings of Evelyn De Morgan. Collectively, their work aided me in the realization that feminine tenderness can be appropriated to abrade the apathetic attitudes that exist beyond in a digital setting.“The Pantone Collection” is the photographic rejection to the homogenization of branding individuality that is contingent upon vapid consumeristic happiness and orthodox beauty stands; as a trend, many individuals market themselves as a product of apathy through a mixture of boredom and wit, which is fraternal to being a product of late-capitalism. These self-portraits are an occupation where I invert this movement to demonstrate the reality of fragility while exploring the connection between color + personal habitats.